certainly looks like a lay in bed & cry day. I’ve already cried for about a half hour, longing for him. I tried to see if getting a can of soup would help me feel better. Shuffling around, bent over in abdominal discomfort & tears. My whole stomach is feeling a little better now, but I’m still deflated & sad. I desperately want to be in his arms right now. I hate getting sick like this, & so predictably often. He was always such great comfort. *whimper*

But, he’s still there at least. He saw my last post & texted me no more than 10 minutes later to explain, lol. What an angel. So, he fixed it for me. I was gonna offer to take it over, but…I have no income. That wouldn’t be wise. I have enough to pay for. Including a useless online therapist, heh. Ugh, fuck. I’m gonna try to lay back down…


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