My intestines. I woke up to a Netflix error saying there was a problem with payment; he said he’d keep paying for it, so I wonder what happened. I didn’t get enough sleep (like 5.5 hours). My intestines are like a cement mixer. I’m nauseous. And very very shaky; I’m not sure why. I just wanna cry. I feel so sick. And it makes me so sad. Today is gonna be a bad one…

I gotta do so much. That’s pretty much my first thought every day for the past 5 years. We got some snow; my cousin already texted to ask how bad it was. I can’t bare to look enough to evaluate it right now, but it looks like quite a little bit. I just wanna go back to bed, desperately. First thing when I woke up though, my heart rate went through the roof, & my intestines quickly followed.

By the way, I think my online therapist bailed on me, heh. I haven’t heard from her; though I’m pretty sure they charged my credit card. I’ll have to fix that someday soon…

I don’t know what to do with myself right now. I think it’s a lay in bed & cry most of the day kind of day. We’ll see…


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