I hate waking up sad & alone

My aunt said being alone isn’t so bad. I can’t blame her, because of all the shit she’d been through. And, normally, I would’ve agreed with her, I don’t mind being alone, I was alone a lot in my life; but I changed my mind a while ago, when he asked me to marry him. Hmph.

Mmm…early period, heh. And one of my eyelids is weird…like my tearduct is swollen. Again. Though I wasn’t crying hysterically for most of yesterday, so I don’t know what it’s problem is. At least I got about 7 hours sleep, without any assistance. I usually need about 9 hours though, & I haven’t gotten that in a long time. So, right now I need, like, 30. Heh.

(Ex)Hubby’s texting me. He seems to have misplaced his important docs in all this mess, & can’t find tax info he needs. So, I’m gonna try to eat something (my “IBS” isn’t ruining me too bad yet today), & try to figure out where that stuff would’ve gone…


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