Uggh, fuuuck!

I’m having a whole lot of trouble getting out of bed. Every time I get up, I just about collapse. My legs are tired, & I’m a little doubled over from the tummy discomfort; which causes me to cry. I have to go give my father breakfast, cuz he just got up, but I’m really struggling. I just set a timer like I said I should last nite; made myself stay up for at least 2 minutes to start, so I went & weighed myself out of curiosity. 105. I’ve lost at least 5 pounds in the past week or so. And I can’t afford to lose many more. At some point after my mom passed (it may have been a year later or something), I was down to 92 pounds. Without remotely realizing it til I stepped on a scale. Please don’t let that happen again. I don’t even know how it happened then; I ate like crazy back then. 15min…15 minutes, & I’ll do my damndest to get up, take care of some responsibilities, & get something to fucking eat. Almost 2pm, though, & still haven’t heard from my aunt. Today really really fuckin’ blows.


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