Finally started chatting…

“You helped me even in your tough time”

“I have to say, I really admire women who are so fiercely independent that they become more about understanding than being understood. Good on you for giving him space when he feels like he’s lost his identity and being so seemingly calm about it all. ”

I was trying to help others where I could. I eventually had to vent a little of my issues, & got a little much needed love… I don’t know about calm though, lol. I’m trying…..

For to eat more, so I just had some soup. I had some carrots & celery, like, 7 hours ago. I should stretch & try to lay down. I’m tired, but not at all sleepy :/ Maybe I should take some ZQuil again, but I don’t wanna keep taking shit… Hm…

ETA : Took 1/2 dose, hopefully that’ll do it. Also, I dunno about “fiercely independent”, lol; I depended on (ex)Hubby a little too much, which I hate to do, but he always seemed ok with it. Still not fair to him. Though, this isn’t fair to me, or our relationship. Anyway… I did appreciate her admiring my empathy, not really independence. Heh.


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