He told me to wait it out or call animal control. We chatted a tiny bit; let him know that I called for counseling & that I called my aunt. I asked him to check up on me nightly, if he’s ok with that, which he said he is. He said he’ll help with my father’s doctor appointment if I need it, but, for his sake, I hope my aunt can help instead.

I just still can’t believe he left me like this. Just up & practically abandoned me. Why didn’t he ask me to go to a therapist before? Or at least we could’ve gone to relationship counseling, to help us work on ourselves together. Why did he have to leave me like this?!?

I don’t know how much this online therapist is helping… I think I’m gonna stick with it for the full month, but only because I feel like I need to check in with someone every day. All I’ve really heard out of her is a bit cliche, though. I don’t know. She supported me calling my aunt & an in-person therapist. Said I’ve taken on too much (no kidding heh), & again encouraged me to seek support groups. Though there aren’t many around here. I’ll have to ask the other therapist Monday. She insisted right now needs to be about self care. Which I know, but I have too much on my mind. But I’m trying. (God, that chicken sucked!!!)

Ugh. I’ve been trying to get up & do yoga for at least an hour… Maybe now…?


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