Well I sure slept like shit.

…but at least I fell asleep pretty easily. After about 6 hours, I started waking up, like, every 20 minutes? A couple times I woke up & thought “I’m alone”. And I had a weird dream that there was an aide here, & she pissed me off so bad that I hit her, so I let her hit me back 3 times, twice in the face & once in the stomach, cuz I hardly felt any of her punches. After that, we were fine lol. And then I think I told Hubby about it in the dream…

So, day 1 waking up alone. I’m super tired, so I’ll probably need a nap later. I really need to focus on eating today- yesterday all I had was a Cup Noodle & a few bites of Chinese leftovers. And lots of water.

I’m gonna go try to wake up some more. I think my tummy’s starting to get a bit fucky, which I was expecting. Hopefully it doesn’t get too bad…


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