All those years watching him playing video games. It didn’t bother me much at first, so I joined in…”at least we’re in the same room together”. No money but at least we’ve got each other. I tried to get him to exercise, to eat better, to read, to create, to idealize the future & make a plan. He always just wanted to play vidya. At least I got him to go to college. I can’t even keep myself in college. But he said way back when that he’d work hard & let me be a housewife if I wanted. Which I didn’t; all I wanted was for him to be happy. And I tried so hard to keep him happy. And it didn’t matter. All of a sudden, he hates video games, so he’s bored & he hates this house so he just wants to go hang out with her. Cuz she throws herself at him. Whore. That’s how it feels. Yet she doesn’t seem to even know how to work a dick. lol. Ugh.

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